Lets Get Things Moving

I will be setting up your project(s) and working on it up to 4 hours a day. The more time I have to work on your project(s), the faster we're going to see results and/or get the tasks done that you're wanting.  Once you're done with the checkout process I'd like you to contact me or call me with the specifics of what it is you'd like to have done, assuming we haven't already spoken about what it is we want to do.  In either case please email me after the purchase so that I can go over all of my notes and include you on what is/might be needed next. From there, should I have any further questions I'll contact you by the email address or phone number you left associated with the purchase and we'll get things rolling.

If you'd rather use a card, please contact me from the contact page and leave a number and I'll call for the information. Keep in mind I don't guarantee sales or leads, as everyone says in the lead generation industry, but you have a better chance of getting more sales and leads with more eyeballs on your product and or service.
$99 / Month For 30 Minutes A Day

This option is usually chosen by small businesses on very limited budgets. This includes 30 minutes a day of whatever work you would like to have done. Ideal when choosing one or two options found on the homepage.

$268 / Month For 2 Hours A Day

Chosen quite often by medium sized businesses that have established themselves or by small businesses that are ready to take it to the next level. Ideal when choosing five or six options found on the home page.

$168 / Month For 1 Hour A Day

Twice as much time as the first option. This option is usually chosen by startup businesses on somewhat limited budgets. This includes an hour a day of whatever work you would like to have done. Ideal when choosing three or four options found on the home page.

$368 / Month For 4 Hours A Day

The Powerhouse. This option is the one that gains more exposure in the shortest amount of time with all of the options from the home page. There will be a significant amount of immediate traffic as well as me washing your car once a week 🙂

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