Google is ever changing. I keep on top of what Google wants to see just like everyone else in the industry. The difference is I incorporate those changes on your behalf every chance I get. It's called SMO and SEO. Knowing what Google wants to see, is half the battle. Implementing those tactics is where I come in.

On Site SEO

How you display your content, how much content you use and lastly where you display it is vital. It's the "keyword weight" in your content that is one the more important aspects scrutinized by search engine spiders to determine where you show up on those search engines when your keywords are typed in. Rest assured there is a sweet spot that Google and other engines want to see. I find that particular sweet spot by comparing your keyword weight and content to your top ten (or more if needed) competitors. I then generate an easy to read report outlining what it is you need to alter, add or remove on your site in order to be listed in the top results. I'll even do it for you if you don't have the time. The natural link building service I offer comes at no extra cost to you with this option.

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Natural Link Building

There are a lot of rules I follow when I begin link building to your site. First of all, I only take advantage of one way inbound links. This is where I get other sites to place a link to your site without you having to reciprocate the link, (place a link back to their site on yours). I also make sure that the PR value of these sites are generally higher than yours, and that some are high authority, which include .edu links. I include the keywords you want to rank better for as some of the anchor texts. I make sure the sites pointing in to yours are related in some fashion or at least placed in an appropriate category avoiding link farms most others are trying to automate your link into. Lastly I limit the amount of links built within a certain time frame to avoid link spamming. Rest assured my link building methods are all white hat (not going to hurt your sites ranking). The On Site SEO comes at no extra cost to you with this option.

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Get Traffic From Your Competitors Sites

Imagine having your site popup whenever one of your competitors sites is visted. Having your site appear when a competitor URL site is visited is not a new concept. It's just one that is hard to find unless you've been given a heads up as to where to find it. Typically, a person will know who their competitors are. I additionaly like to add more by doing keyword research on your site, find out who is in the top ten reults for each keyword per major engine and add those to the list you provide.

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Social Media Account Creation and Increase In Followers

Social media accounts associated with your site(s), such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google's favorite products, YouTube and Google Plus, are important as of the latest Google update. There are many others that Google is paying attention to and I use a proprietary monitoring tool to find out who Google is making sure you are associated with. If you are not yet signed up for these social profiles, you need to be, its vital to your site(s) health. I will establish them on your behalf and give you the login details, I wont own the accounts by any means. I will even show you ways to automate the activity/posts/likes across all of these newly created social media sites where you simply make one update and most of the others will be updated as well.

Social Media Google Requires

Add FolloweRS to your existing accounts

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