Keeping on top of what Google wants to see, investigating what works & what doesn't is time consuming. As well as fixing rankings lost by Google’s updates, improving rankings that are currently poor among other things. I offer to do these things and quite a bit more on your behalf. Free mobile friendly site revamps, heatmap tracking comparable to no one out there. I'd like to automate your blog posts, update your social media accounts after each post, update your site when needed with content and images whenever you have a new product or addition and a slew of other things you will NOT find anyone else offering. You won't need anyone else after I get my chance to prove my worth.

Because I am a one man show, I have many advantages, answering the phone whenever you call and not treating your website, project or you like a number. The only drawback is that I cannot work on a lot of websites and projects at once. Based on how many projects that come in on a daily basis, this timer represents about how long it will be until I cannot take on any more projects / signups for some time.

On Site SEO

How you display your content, how much content you use and lastly where you display it is vital. It's the "keyword weight" in your content that is one of the more important aspects scrutinized by search engine spiders to determine where you show up on those search engines when your keywords are typed in. I find that particular sweet spot by comparing your keyword weight and content to your top ten (or more if needed) competitors. From that checklist (which I'll share with you) I'll perform the actions required, do what it is your competitors have done and/or are doing that you havn't done yet in order to make sure your site is listed in the top results. I'll also bring in PR4+ natural links on a monthly basis.

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Best Heat Mapping Technology

See what each visitor does instantly when they hit your page, and gently persuade them to do what you want them to do. It’s kind of like looking over their shoulder as your visitors move around your site, make a purchase, sign-up to your list, or click away. You’ll be able to instantly see when, where and why they leave the page. Which parts of the page turn them off the "blockages" that are preventing the sale, etc. With that kind of intel you’d be able to remedy any web page in seconds.

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Get Traffic From Your Competitors Sites

Imagine having your site popup whenever one of your competitors sites is visted. Having your site appear when a competitor URL site is visited is not a new concept. It's just one that is hard to find unless you've been given a heads up as to where to find it. Typically, a person will know who their competitors are. I additionaly like to add more by doing keyword research on your site, find out who is in the top ten reults for each keyword per major engine and add those to the list you provide.

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Social Media Account Creation and Increase In Followers

Social media accounts associated with your site(s), such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google's favorite products, YouTube and Google Plus, are important as of the latest Google update. There are many others that Google is paying attention to and I use a proprietary monitoring tool to find out who Google is making sure you are associated with. If you are not yet signed up for these social profiles, you need to be, its vital to your site(s) health. I will establish them on your behalf and give you the login details, I wont own the accounts by any means. I will even show you ways to automate the activity/posts/likes across all of these newly created social media sites where you simply make one update and most of the others will be updated as well.

Social Media Google Requires

Add FolloweRS to your existing accounts